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Los Angeles Linux User Groups

Linux is sweeping the world - Los Angeles included. The many Linux User Groups in the Los Angeles area have a lot to offer. To find out more, join the mailing list of a nearby user group, drop by one of their meetings, or attend a special event like Demo Day or an Installfest. Pretty soon you, too, will be getting more out of your computer for less.

News / Special Events

Events are listed in reverse chronological order.

February 2011

Friday - Sunday 25-27 February : SCaLE 9x. The ninth annual SCALE event will take place this coming February in Los Angeles, CA. This year the event moves to a new venue at the LAX Hilton hotel.

Note: LUG webmasters, you can make your own updates to this section; please contact for access.

Other announcements

Linux Weekly News, the best Linux news source on the web, relies on subscriptions for support. Please help keep this important resource alive by subscribing. I've subscribed; have you?

See also for a list of national and international events, courtesy of Linux Weekly News.

Scheduling Events

If you have an event you'd like listed here, or would like other group leaders to know about it, please post your announcement to the lalugs mailing list.

If you would like to give a presentation at one or more of the Linux or Unix User Groups in Los Angeles, please write speakers at (replace the word ' at ' with @ in the email address, of course). We will forward your note to the organizers.

Linux User Group Meetings

Locations and times may vary, so check the individual group's site before attending! It's a good idea to subscribe to their mailing list; many groups post last-minute reminders.
Antelope Valley (AVLUG) First Thursday of the monthCamille's Sidewalk Cafe (Lancaster, CA)
BurbankLUG Monthly Buena Vista Library, Burbank, CA
Linux at LAX (LiLAX) Second Saturday of the month, 10 AM California|Telecom, Down Town Los Angeles, CA
Linux Users, Los Angeles (LULA) None scheduled Bradley Center, LA, CA
Linux Users Group of the Inland Empire (LUGIE) 2nd Saturday, 10am-noon Redlands, CA
Orange County LUG (OCLUG) (usually 1st) Saturday, 10am-3pm Cal State Fullerton
San Fernando Valley LUG (SFVLUG) Saturday 6pm (bi-weekly) Dennys on Sherman @ Van Nuys Airport
San Gabriel Valley LUG (SGVLUG) 2nd Thursday, 7pm Caltech
Santa Barbara Linux User Group (SBLUG) Check web site Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Clarita Valley LUG (SCVLUG) usually last week of month, at 7:00pm; check web site Santa Clarita; see
Simi-Conejo LUG (S.C.L.U.G.) every other Saturday 2 pm Simi Valley YMCA
UCLALUG biweekly; Thursdays 6pm 3820 Boelter Hall, UCLA (meetings in 4760)
Southwest Riverside County Linux Enthusiasts Last Saturday Varies - Check Calendar
Ventura County Linux Users Group Bi-Weekly on Santurday at 2pm ITT Tech, Oxnard, CA

The following groups seem to be inactive:
Channel Islands Linux User Group (CILUG)
Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) Linux User Group
Route66 LUG (La Verne, CA)
The Linux Labs User Group
Cerritos Linux User Group


An Installfest is an event where you bring your computer it, and experts help you install Linux on your computer for free (or nearly free). For more information about Installfests in general, visit

If you need some hardware for an install fest, don't forget last Sat, 7-11 a.m. - TRW (Northrop-Grumman) Ham Radio & Computer Swap Meet at the SE corner of Marine and Aviation Blvd. in Redondo Beach - Free parking and admittance

Several LA LUGs hold regular or occasional Installfests:

  • OCLUG has an Installfest as part of every meeting.
  • UCLALUG has an installfest once a quarter on a Saturday. The next installfest is October 6 2007.
  • LULA used to hold Installfests on the 4th Sunday of the month, but stopped doing this regularly when the Midnight Special bookstore closed.
  • Simi-Conejo LUG (S.C.L.U.G.) holds Installfests every other month.
  • Cerritos Linux User Group offers installation help at each meeting.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) are just that - groups of people who get together to explore in detail a single topic. They are often tied together by a mailing list, and are made up of people from more than one LUG.

Online Chat

We have five, count 'em, five irc hangouts to choose from: (The above irc:// URLs only work in web browsers (like Mozilla) that support the irc:// URL scheme.)

Me, I use a commandline irc client, ircii (it's on the 2nd disc of Red Hat 7.2), so I put the lines

alias lilax="irc -c '#lilax' $USER"
alias lalugs="irc -c '#lalugs' $USER"
alias sclug="irc -c '#sclug' $USER"
alias avlug="irc -c '#avlug' $USER"
in my ~/.bashrc to make it easier to join. Tip: Once you're in, here are some irc commands:
  • list users in the current channel: /who *
  • join a channel (say, #lilax): /join #lilax
  • quit irc: /quit
See also OCLUG's irc page.


Classes in Linux and Unix are now offered at several locations in Los Angeles.


The best list by far is at California Virtual Campus -- click "Students", then pick "Computer Information Systems" in the "Browse by Subject" menu, and search for "unix". It gives a list of online Unix courses from accredited colleges and universities in California. Cool!

Other resources:

Local Colleges

If your college doesn't offer any Linux training, ask them why! You might also consider pointing them to Red Hat Academy, which is Red Hat's curriculum program for colleges. (If you know of similar programs, please email me so we can link to them.)
  • Antelope Valley College offers CIS157: Introduction to Unix.
  • Cal State Fullerton Extension offers certificates in Unix/Linux. Costs range from $400 to $800; classes seem to meet 5 to 15 times.
  • El Camino College, in Torrance, offers an Introduction to Unix class (CSCI-40).
  • Los Angeles City College offers five Linux courses (Installation/Maintenance, Server Administration, C Programming, Java Programming, and Serving Web & Database Applications) instructed by Craig Van Degrift. Each costs $85 to $120, and meets two to four times. (LACC also has an "Introduction to Open Office" course!)
  • Mt. San Antonio College has been offering Linux classes for several years.
  • North City Career Center, San Diego, offers five Linux-related courses: "Linux Operating System - Introduction", "Linux Programming with Bash", "Linux System Administration", "Linux - Apache Web Server", and "Linux Web Server Security".
  • Pierce College in Woodland Hills offers CS534 (Operating Systems), a course about Unix system administration.
  • Santa Ana College offers a UNIX Certificate which requires completion of six classes: Perl Programming / CGI, Programming Concepts, Unix OS, Unix Administration, Shell Scripting, and Unix System Programming.
  • Santa Monica College offers CS 40, Operating Systems, which contains an introduction to Unix. See the home page for a textbook CS40 has used, and the instructor's CS40 page.
  • UCLA Extension currently offers three Linux-related courses: "Introduction to Unix", "Intermediate Unix", and "Linux Networking Tools and Techniques" (which David Morgan took and liked in 2002).
  • UC Riverside Extension currently offers a certificate in Unix/Linux systems; to earn it, you must complete five one-month courses (Intro to UNIX/Linux, Shell Programming, System Administration, Perl, and Security). (Ignore the link to "courses currently being offered"; for some reason, it doesn't list any of these courses, even though they're currently offered.)
  • North American Computer College in Glendale has a Linux Certified Administrator training program. See their schedule for dates.

Other Local Institutions

Remote Colleges

If you know of more, please email us.

Other Groups

San Diego-based Linux groups: Local non-Linux groups and technical event calendars: Other regional Linux/Open Source organizations:
  • SOCALLUGS is another online resource which provides information on open source user groups and events here in the Los Angeles area.
  • Open Source Region Stuttgart (Germany; looks very active)

For Linux User Groups outside the Los Angeles area, try checking the following sites:

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